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Upcoming Shows:   

Nov 16th- Plough and the Stars. Cambrigde, MA
Nov 19- Private Party, Franklin, MA
Dec 9. New World Tavern, Plymouth, MA
Dec 10- Thunder Road, Somerville, MA

booking@daybreakersband.com for booking information! 
Hope to see you at the rock show! 

News Feed:
11/7/2016- Lot of exciting stuff going on for the DayBreakers!  We just played a great event this past weekend for our good friend Andrew Sutton's Yellow Mutt Brewery Beer tasting.  The beer is terrific and we had a blast.  One on of these days we will be playing Yellow Mutt Fest for a couple thousand people in downtown Boston!
We have some exciting shows coming up over the next few weeks,  We are at Plough and the Stars in Cambridge, with Jon Chapman on drums on Nov 16th for our next show.   Its an awesome room. Its a late night during the week, but were gonna have a party.

As you might have seen, we have shuffled some band members recently.  Kyle Murphy has stepped up in the role of lead vocalist.  Corey still sits in on occasion for local shows and we love to have him on stage when its possible.  John Hanson has moved on to pursue his many other musical opportunities.  John is a great talent and an awesome person and we wish him well.  Check out his band Offbeat Motif http://www.offbeatmotifband.com

Kevin Zahner has sat in with us on percussion many times over the past few months.  We hope that continues as often as his schedule allows!  
Same with Dave Deluca, who has worked with us producing our albums, singing and playing guitar on all our records.  Deluca is a beast!

We are going forward with the band and looking to make some serious noise in 2017 and beyond.  We have the beginning of an album in the works.  We will be playing some festivals in Summer 17 and booking a small tour.  We appreciate all the support we have gotten over the past year.  Selling over 100 tickets at the Black Box in Franklin (with help from our good friends Copilot) was a very humbling moment.  We are constantly working to get better.

Hope to see you at the next show.
-Matt Schairer
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